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24 Nov

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It may be difficult for you to find the best PHP framework. Worry not! In this article, we have covered the top PHP frameworks. Discussing with our developers at Purgesoft. We found that there are a plethora of PHP frameworks. Among all the PHP frameworks; you do not know. Which PHP framework comes with all the required things that a developer would need when developing a web application or website.

You can find out the top PHP frameworks. We have introduced what a PHP framework should have. What advantages, security, testing support, community or documentation, routing and URL handling, database integration, abstraction of complex tasks, reusable code and components, etc a PHP framework is providing; that a developer would need within a PHP framework?

We will go into the depth of each PHP framework. So, we can come up with the top PHP framework that fits all your web application development or website development requirements.

What is a PHP framework?

A PHP framework is a pre-built structure tool to support a developer building a web application by having all the required things like a library, and best practices of website development using PHP programming language. The main purpose of a PHP framework is to help a developer drive a foundation upon which he or she can build an application that is scalable, robust, and maintainable.

Understand the type of PHP frameworks

Researching for the same. We have found the three main PHP frameworks for PHP Development Services. However, if we talk about PHP frameworks based on the structure and architecture. Then there will be a long list of the PHP frameworks’ types. Let us focus on finding the top and main types below.

Full stack frameworks

The full stack frameworks are a complete solution to develop web applications. The full-stack framework helps in developing web applications. Which supports both the front end (presentation layer) and the back end ( business logic database). One of the best reasons that makes top PHP development agencies embark on full-stack frameworks is to have model view controller architecture.

Examples of PHP full-stack frameworks

Laravel: Laravel is one of the top examples of a PHP full-stack framework. This framework has an elegant syntax and a wide range of features. When choosing to have the Laravel framework you get to have multiple options to leverage. You will have routing, database migrations, and authentications also.

Symfony: is another top example of a PHP full-stack framework. Using Symfony developers can use individual components as they are required to use. Symfony’s stability and scalability make it one of the top and most full-stack frameworks.

Micro frameworks

If you are looking for lightweight web application development one that needs minimal essentials. Then micro frameworks are the best fit. This micro framework will help in small to medium size projects. If you are going with a full-stack framework for medium size projects they may be overkill.

Examples of micro frameworks

Slim: you will find a micro framework easy and simple to use for medium size projects. The important features like routing middleware and dependency injection are available easily.

Lumen: this framework is developed by a creator of Laravel. This micro framework can be used to develop a web of lightweight microservices and APIs.

Component-based framework

If you are looking for a component-based framework. This means one that can help you with components as needed by the developer. Then the component-based framework is the best fit. This drives developers with a collection of independent, reusable components to use individually or together as well.

Examples of components-frameworks

Zend Framework: It is now known as Laminas. This framework has transitioned to the Laminas project. You will get an individual collection of components that can be used independently or combined for larger applications.

Symfony Components: Symfony and Symfony Components are some of the best options after choosing to have a web development with components. Symfony is also a full-stack framework as we have discussed above also. If you want a component option for web app development then Symfony Component can be used as independently as a developer requires.

Above are some of the component types you will find as your web application project requires. Check what a project requires before embarking to have a framework for your web application development use.

Find out the top PHP frameworks a developer need

Here are some of the top and most popular PHP frameworks. These frameworks will help you get your answer for the PHP framework you are looking for. You may have a project which is large and complex or maybe a medium size project. Therefore why waste time with such a project that needs a few things or one that requires all the important things too?

Decide which PHP framework your business needs, and eliminate the time-consuming things that a developer will not require at all.


Laravel comes on the #1 among the top PHP frameworks after building web applications. You can find some of the top reasons. Why is Laravel the top PHP framework?

Key features of Laravel

  • This framework comes with an elegant syntax that focuses on developer-friendly code.
  • The blade templating engine provides efficient and clean views.
  • It has an ORM for the database interaction.
  • The developers get to have artisan command line tools for various tasks.
  • Laravel the Mix of front-end asset compilations.

The strengths of the Laravel PHP framework

  • Laravel comes with rapid development with expressive syntax.
  • Developers have found a powerful and comprehensive ecosystem.
  • You will find an active and supportive community as it has a large usage base.

What are the typical use cases of Laravel?

  • The typical uses of Laravel include web application development and CMS (content management system).
  • You will find RESTful APIs (application programming interfaces) and microservices.
  • The same can be leveraged for e-commerce platforms.


Symfony is another populist PHP framework for developing web applications. The top benefits Symfony is delivering to the developers are mentioned below. To help you with the top thing you want to have for your use as a developer. You can find out the top key features that Laravel is delivering to the developers.

Key features that Symfony is driving to the developers for web app development

  • It comes with a highly modular architecture.
  • You can leverage the extensive set of reusable components the Symfony has.
  • You get to have doctrine ORM for database management.
  • Flex, a micro framework with Symfony for smaller projects; when the requirement arrives use it for the medium-sized projects you want to have for your web app development.
  • This has a twig templating engine for clever and concise views.

Know the strengths of Symfony PHP framework

The strength of Symfony as a PHP framework include:

  • It has scalability and flexibility.
  • You get to have long-term support releases.
  • If you are going to do the same for enterprise-level applications. This PHP framework is one of the top choices you want to have for you. This will help you with the top things you need for your application development. You do not have to worry at all when you are deciding on this PHP framework Symfony.

Typical use cases of Symfony

There are multiple uses that you can find to leverage the strength of this PHP framework for your use. This will help you with the top thing you want for you. Below you can find out the top and most effective uses of this PHP framework for you. However, we have added some of the important use cases of Symfony you want to have for you.

  • You can leverage the same PHP framework for large-scale enterprise application development.
  • CMS is the (content management system) if you are looking to develop a content management system. This is one of the top and best options you can get to embark on.
  • This will help you with the RESTful APIs and web services as you are required to develop a web application.


Codelgniter is number #3 in our list as one of the top and most populist PHP frameworks. We have discussed all the key features that a developer would need to develop a web application. You can find out its all key features, strengths, and use cases.

The key features of Codelgniter as one populist PHP framework

  • This is a lightweight and straightforward PHP Developer that can leverage to develop a web application.
  • One of the top and best parts developers have discussed most about his PHP framework is to have minimal confirmation requirements. If you are looking for a web application to be built using the PHP programming language and framework. This could be the time-saving option you need to have.
  • This PHP framework has an MVC (model view controller) architecture for code organization.
  • You get to have active record implementation for the database interaction.
  • This has good performance which is most important and includes the footprint also.

What are the strengths of  Codelgniter?

  • This PHP framework has fast execution and quick learning curves for the developers.
  • It is the most suitable for shared hosting environments.
  • If you are having a small to medium size project of web app development. Codelgniter is one of the top fits you will get to have for web app development.

Here are the typical use cases of Codelgniter

  • This is a rapid application development that you can leverage the best way you want for you.
  • Codeigniter is prototyping for small to medium size website development that you want to have for you.
  • This is the best fit if you require a project with limited server resources.


One of the most used PHP frameworks for application development. We have added this PHP framework to the number #04 in our list. We want to help you with the top frameworks. We have already eliminated many of the frameworks. We found many PHP frameworks and you too find them all. But here you have to decide which framework you want to have for you. However, we have mentioned some of the top frameworks.  As our developer's team has already discussed and suggested our clients.

If you think the added 05 populist frameworks meet your requirements. You must check them all and experience them. If it fits you and provides you with the thing that you are looking to have you. This is going to help you a lot and provide you with the best thing.

For the Yii, we have provided all the required things that you need to know. Check them all to have the idea and leverage the best PHP framework that you are seeking for the project.

The key features of Yii

  • This has high performance with caching and lazy loading that you will need to have.
  • Gii is one of the powerful code generation tools that is going to help you.
  • You get to have an active record of the database interactions.
  • This provides you with security features such as role-based access to the control. Which is also known as (RBAC).
  • Extensible and customizable for the web application development and this is the option which is required a lot as the clients require.

Find out the strengths of Yii as one of the best PHP frameworks

  • You get to have good performance such as good speed and efficiency in the development operations.
  • If you are looking to have a framework that fits large-scale projects then this is the top choice after application development.
  • This has comprehensive documents that will help you use the same effectively.

What are the typical use cases of Yii?

Here are some of the most popular use cases of Yii. You may find some more uses of the same PHP framework. When you get to have PHP development services for you to complete a project. Check some of the use cases that we have found. The same will help you get the ideas you want for you.

  • This PHP framework is an enterprise-level application development framework. If you have a project for enterprise level. You can get to use the same for your project to be completed using this PHP framework for you.
  • Yii is one of the best options for web applications that require content-heavy websites.
  • There may be some of the projects that require high performance. Therefore, to meet the requirement. You can use this PHP framework to fill the gap for high performance.

5. Zend Framework

Zend Framework is also known as Laminas nowadays. We have this Zend Framework for PHP at number #5 in our list. This is also a populist framework that most PHP developers are using to build web applications. Below we have discussed the key features, strengths, and typical use cases. Check whether this PHP framework meets your business requirements.

What are the key features of Zend Framework? 

  • You get to leverage the collection of individual and loosely coupled components.
  • This PHP framework helps you with middleware architecture for the flexibility you need for you.
  • You get to have an extensive library of components for your project.
  • The top thing you will always need like security. You get the same with robust security features.
  • Zend Framework is suitable for both small and large-size web application development.

The strengths of Zend Framework

  • It comes with a high degree of modularity.
  • If you want the same for different project requirements. Zend Framework is adaptable to that.
  • Emphasis on best practices.

Here are the top use cases of the Zend Framework

  • You can utilize the same framework for complex and large-scale applications.
  • The project you will be working on in the future using the same framework of Zend. This helps you with all your requirements with fine-grained control.
  • Easy to integrate with other frameworks and platforms.

Above are the top frameworks that we have introduced to you. All the frameworks will help you with the top thing you want to have for you. When having any type or size of the project you want to work on.

Wrapping up

You may find more frameworks except for all the above frameworks. But you need to decide which framework you should choose. If it is becoming difficult for you to decide on. You can consider the factors like project’s scale, complexity, and your in-house development team’s familiarity with the framework. This is one of the best ways you can decide. However, selecting one of the frameworks depends upon what are the project’s requirements. Whether the project is complex or needs minimal requirements.

If you are looking for the Top PHP Development Agency to complete your project. At Purgesoft our team can help you with web application development. We have the experts that meet all your business requirements to complete the project. Connect with our developers team right now to complete your web application development project.

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