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What is Google Penguin Recovery?

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If Google has penalised your website, the problem must be resolved. When you get a penalty, your website will lose exposure on Google, visitors, and conversions. That is terrible for business. After all, what is the point of having a website if no one can find it?

Google algorithmic penalties are classified into two types: Panda and Penguin. These penalties come as a result of a change to Google's algorithm. It implies that the penalty might harm everyone on the internet since the algorithm has changed what Google considers significant for site ranking. There are also non-algorithmic manual penalties, which are particular to your website and something that a Google employee judged you did wrong.

Penguin is all about spamming links. It comprises low-quality backlinks, text ads that pass PageRank, excessive links with optimised anchor text, and other link strategies such as excessive link exchanges. We are the experts when it comes to Google Penguin Recovery.

Purgesoft has the expertise and experience to assist your website in overcoming issues such as a poor backlink profile and Google re-inclusion requests that may affect your website rankings.



Have you lost your website ranks due to the recent Google Penguin update and desperately need a professional to remedy the situation for you with their professional google penguin recovery services?

If so, you have arrived at the right place at the right moment. We have a team of link detox professionals that will utilise time-tested approaches to repair your website's link profile. We only use white hat techniques, which have helped us learn the art of influencing search engine algorithms.

Google Penguin is launched to target spam links taken by websites to manipulate the Google search results in their favour. It is generally accomplished via off-page activity, and other SEO approaches deemed illegal by Google.

Suppose your firm has been punished due to any of these concerns. In that case, Purgesoft can assist you in navigating the aftermath of the recent Google Penguin Update, which has negatively impacted your website rankings. We understand the complexities of the Google algorithm upgrade and have helped numerous customers in the past transcend the same by enhancing their ranks.



As already stated, Links to your site are important since Google uses them to determine your ranking in the SERP. Penguin counts and targets links back to the site that does not comply with Google rules. When it detects many backlinks referring to a site that violates Google's criteria, it penalises its ranking. If the problem is not addressed properly, it may substantially limit the website's visibility for months, if not years.

Google has constantly been trying to improve the quality of search results to improve the user experience. As a result, it has released a series of changes in the search algorithm to ensure that the best sites are shown to the audience and sites that violate Google's spam guidelines are penalised.

Purgesoft, a reputable SEO Penguin recovery company, provides its diverse clientele with a tried and established technique of recovery that may restore your site to the top of the search result page. Our SEO Penguin recovery company can simplify Penguin recovery solutions by offering end-to-end services spanning from data collection to implementation, based on years of expertise analysing the impacts of backlinks on site ranking and employing effective tools to obtain deeper information.

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Faq's of Penguin Services


Many of Google's algorithms would take a webmaster's much-enhanced site and online presence into account quite quickly, while others, such as Penguin, must be updated.

The Penguin penalty is primarily concerned with finding low-quality websites based on backlinks. Google's algorithm is based on the idea that good sites connect to other good sites, whereas bad sites typically link to other bad sites.

According to Google employee John Mueller, Penguin is a site-wide algorithm, which means that the existence of a high number of low-quality links pointing to one page of your website may result in a decrease in Google's confidence in your whole website.

Panda targets low-quality material, thin content, duplicate content, and so on, while Penguin targets webspam (and is now actively targeting unnatural inbound links). So, if you mistakenly feel you have been impacted by Penguin and begin correcting links, you will be wasting your time.

A penalty is a "punishment" issued manually on a website by Google's webspam team. It is usually the case when a website breaches Google's quality requirements. This penalty causes a significant decline in ranks and organic traffic loss.