Emerging 5 Best Mobile App Development Technology for Startups 2024
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16 Jan

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Regarding mobile application development and finding the best mobile app development technology for startups in 2024. The same depends upon what are a startup’s unique requirements and the goals they want to fulfill. However, you may find out the top technologies that have replaced the previous practices of mobile app development. 

Our clients from various locations were asking Purgesoft’s developers the same questions. We got an idea to clear their doubts through this piece of information. After working out one of the projects and satisfying our partner for mobile application development.

We have found the emerging 5 best mobile app development technology for startups in 2024. These technologies include cross-platform frameworks, progressive web app development, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) and another one is 5G.

So, let us explore all the emerging 5 best mobile app development technologies in 2024. And drill down to find out the best solutions you need to have for your startup mobile application.

What are the 05 best mobile app development technologies in 2024?

The 05 best mobile app development technologies in 2024 include 5G to help with the next generation of mobile networking. Users will experience rich networking speed and low latency compared to the previous technology of 4G networking. The arrival of 5G technology opens doors for mobile apps.

Another one is AR and VR; which is revolutionizing the entire way between service providers and consumers. Augmented reality (AR) can help with real visualization when interacting with mobile apps and on the other side of the coin users can have a rich experience.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are being used to have a more personalized experience to have the things a customer is lacking. However, app developers can use the same to fill the skill gap they want to have for them. While working on the advanced mobile app development technology in 2024.

Progressive web apps (PWAs) are another top technology. And the progressive web apps have delivered businesses with the top results; which businesses usually seek.

The cross-platform framework is another technology being used for mobile app development. The best part businesses love about this cross-platform app development is to have no specific syntax (code) writing for different platforms used for mobile apps.

Above is the introduction of all 5 best mobile app development technologies for startups in 2024. Hope you have got an idea. Which emerging technologies as a startup you can embark on for your mobile app development this year?

Why embark on the best mobile app development technologies?

We are in the digital era. Where technology has made most human activities automatic and eliminated time-consuming tasks. If we select a particular area like information technology (IT). You will find that large language mode (LLM) like ChatGPT has gained huge popularity among thousands of artificial intelligence (AI) tools available online.

Moreover, the arrival of 5G technology is another big reason to have the best mobile app development technologies. All these improvements in all the areas are making the same, have advanced solutions for the increased number of mobile phone users, improve their buying experience, watching video streaming, playing video games, and much more.

This means the users are looking for a better and faster experience and businesses like yours need to fulfill the demands for the same. It is clear that no one wants to ignore the increasing number of mobile phone users from +7.45 billion.

Let us find out how mobile application development technologies are changing the old practices of mobile application development in the year 2024.

Know: How is 5G technology helping in mobile app development?

Mobile application development can not be completed without 5G networking in 2024. The 5G technology within mobile app development has added a huge value. This 5G networking technology is going to help get the application development that meets the current requirements to utilize mobile applications in any of the mobile devices.

Whether a user is an Android mobile phone user or an iOS mobile phone user; both will need high-speed networking. Suppose your organization focuses on providing mobile games like real-time multiplayer games. The mobile game for multiple players includes Call Of Duty or PUPG battleground.

If you want game enthusiasts to have a rich experience to make the real-time multiplayer games more effective. The 5G networking for your mobile application is going to add value and let your app users for games is going to experience a rich gaming experience. This is the huge thing users are going to experience.

If we see the recent data of 5G phone switchers. According to ET Telecom, 70% of users are going to switch to 5G phones. And the number of switchers will be increasing at a rapid speed. Seeing this entire information one would need the best mobile app development services too.

You may be looking for an app development company. If you get to connect with one of the app development companies for the best mobile app development services. You must connect with a reputed app development company and inquire to know about the company. Whether your mobile app development will be created using the emerging technology or not.

Below we have discussed all the merging best mobile app development technologies for startups in 2024. The provided information on the best mobile app development will help you get a clear picture. Which technologies you must implement for your app development this year? Let us find out all the technologies for mobile app development.

The 05 best mobile app development technologies for startups in 2024

Find out the 05 best mobile app development technologies for startups in 2024 and which one you would need as you are required. You may require a particular technology for your mobile application.

Suppose you are an e-commerce website and you need mobile app development for your business website. Do you know there are some of the top and most wanted technologies that you can integrate into your mobile application? Yes, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are for your business’s mobile application.

Let us introduce you to all the best mobile application development technologies for the year 2024. We have discussed the details for each of the application development technologies you need this year.

Progressive Web App Development (PWAs)

Progressive Web App Development has gained popularity in a large number. Progressive web app development (PWA) comes with a plethora of advantages. Which businesses of all sizes are choosing to have for them. Getting progressive web app development helps businesses eliminate the issue of running 02 different platforms such as Android and iOS.

Yes, web applications have indeed eliminated the issue of running applications on both Android and iOS devices. Having web application development is one of the top and best things that businesses always wanted. Getting to web application development is helping businesses time and consumers to have other advances.

Consumers do not have to download an application. Consumers can access the same application using a browser. One of the best examples of web applications is Canva. Users who are looking to design a graphic, make a video, and create a social media poster. Using Canvas’s web application. Users can design many things using this single application. One of the best parts for businesses and consumers is to have. The same web application for both devices whether a user is accessing it using an Android device or an iOS.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are in trend and businesses are using applications or even websites. They all need to integrate this trending AI and ML technology. Utilizing AI and ML will help businesses get insights of their customers, and consumers to have a personalized experience.

  • What is a customer's behavior regarding their search?
  • What did a customer like most when watching a short video? (recommended for short video applications).
  • The healthcare industry delivers quick solutions for patients sitting in another part of the world.

However, Salesforce is one of the top and most effective answers for the same. Which has embarked on the same technology to deliver the top solution to its clients worldwide. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is one of the top examples. Salesforce Marketing Cloud has helped marketers get the insights of their business customers and recommend them the top services for the same.

This is how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have helped businesses get the top solution to deliver a remarkable user experience to their customers.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

If you are an online store. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are some of the top solutions businesses can get to have for them. This AR and VR technology is helping ecommerce businesses with overlay information and using another; the VR is helping deliver a remarkable user experience.

Cross Platform Frameworks

Using the Cross Platform Framework technology for mobile applications has reduced the time app developers put in; while developing a mobile application. Embarking on the Cross Platform Frameworks is helping mobile application development companies put most of their efforts into delivering more effective work. 

The best part of this technology is to use a single codebase for both iOS and Android application development. The application development companies do not have to write code for both platforms separately. The single code can be used for both application development and to reduce the period to develop an application in less time.

Businesses that are looking for a top mobile app development company and seek to get an application development in less time. The platform Framework is one of the only solutions businesses need.

For the Cross Platform Frameworks: the most popular frameworks being utilized include Flutter, React Native, and Xamarin. One can get to utilize any of the frameworks as per their application development requirements. However, the app developers at Purgesoft are up to date with the same technology. It means businesses that are looking for a mobile application to be developed. They can leverage the same technology by getting help from the experts at Purgesoft. 

5G Mobile Networking for Mobile App Development

Whether you are looking to develop a mobile application for your gaming company or want to have a mobile app development for other purposes. The 5G technology is going to help with high network connectivity.

If I am right. The apps with the previous application development technology will not be supported anymore. As there will be around +70% of 5G mobile phone users in India alone. This number of 5G phone users will be escalated to a higher number. Therefore, there is no choice to have mobile mobile applications without 5G connectivity. Because the mobile manufacturing companies have already started delivering 5G phones in the market.

So, every business is looking for mobile application development. They need to look for all these emerging 5 best mobile app development technologies in 2024. There is no choice to have the same technology or not.

Find out the most notable trends for mobile app development in 2024

We can not forget the notable trends for mobile applications in 2024. The trends introduced below are helping with the best mobile app development practices. All these practices have ended the choice.

IoT integration

Getting to have the Internet of Things (IoT) is helping with a plethora of advanced practices. However, this technology is used to create security as well and the same technology is used to monitor Internet of Things (IoT) devices used for the same.


The number of digital asset companies is escalating at a rapid speed. The application for companies like cryptocurrency can get to have mobile applications by integrating the solutions of blockchain within their mobile application. This will help make a mobile application secure with the same technology as blockchain.

Cyber Security

Your customers seek a secure application to give access to their mobile devices before installing. The increasing number of fraud activities has made people fade out of all these solutions. If your application is not secure and your customers have doubts before they download your application. Your business customers need a secure application. 

The first question arrives; do you promise your business customers to have a secure application? If you are not sure about the full security. You will lose here convincing your business customers to have the application.

This is the main reason. You must have your application integrated with the cybersecurity feature.

All these are the most important things every business needs to know to have the best mobile application development technology. This will help you get a clue to commit that you are the pioneer to have the best application to help your targeted audience.

Final thoughts

The world has curled onto another chapter. If you are still stuck with the old technology to have for your mobile application. You may be defeated by your competitors in the market.  In order to avoid any mistake. You need to go with the emerging technology. The emerging 5 best mobile app development technologies in 2024 are going to help with the advanced solutions every business needs to have. These trending solutions for mobile application development are going to help businesses with the top solutions businesses need. We have introduced you to all the technologies for mobile application development. Get implement the same and get the solutions you need to have for your application this year.

If you are looking for advanced application development this year. Purgesoft can help you with the same and get the services you need for your business application development.  

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