Magento Marketing Automation: Save 74% Time & Drive Sales by 58%
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04 Sep

Magento Marketing Automation


Are you still depending on traditional marketing methods? You may be! The marketing method you are depending upon is being abandoned by professional marketers; which includes your competitors also. Studies have found that 49% of businesses have started to leverage marketing such as Magento Marketing Automation for ecommerce businesses.

Embarking on the automation solution, especially for ecommerce businesses can help greatly. Because digital marketing is spreading to cover every industry. To deliver personalized user experience whether it is for product showcasing to the customers by running campaigns or offering a personalized discount.

Magento marketing automation has many other advantages that every ecommerce business can leverage. Let us explore how Magento marketing automation can help improve ecommerce businesses’ performance by saving 74% of the time, driving 58% of sales, helping ecommerce businesses get 68% of customer engagement rate, and timely communication to 58%.

What Is Magento Marketing Automation?

Magento Marketing automation is an upgrade in its system to help ecommerce businesses with marketing and sales. The new upgrade of Magento marketing automation is helping businesses eliminate the manual work for many marketing areas.

Magento marketing automation includes automating emails, running personalized ad campaigns, posting on social media as scheduled, and automating all a company's repetitive activities. Automation of repetitive activities has helped organizations save time by 74%. Businesses have loved the same to have Magento marketing automation services for them.

The best part businesses love about Magento marketing automation services is to have top predictions. A comprehensive understanding of customer behavior and effective communication with customers is significantly assisting ecommerce businesses.

How Does Magento Marketing Automation Work?

Leveraging marketing automation. The same triggers the specific campaigns. This all is done by understanding customer behavior. After analyzing data the system indicates the marketing and sales departments to make informed decisions. Both marketing and sales departments can take actions to bring prospective leads or convert visitors on his or her first visit. However, businesses have driven top results for them. Such as to have 21% of link clicks of abandoned cart emails.

Why is Marketing Automation Becoming Crucial for Businesses?

Marketing automation like Magento marketing automation comes with top solutions that businesses can leverage. One of the top reasons businesses have started embarking on marketing automation is to have ease of:

  • Collecting reviews without manually working on getting each potential customer review,
  • Marketing automation is helping businesses especially businesses like ecommerce to promptly give discounts to specific customers including the shoppers they connect with.
  • Marketing automation for ecommerce businesses is helping to create a sense of urgency on an ecommerce store’s specific product pages and even while running campaigns.
  • Your marketing team may not be able to reward consumers when completing specific on-site activities but the automation for the same can help you a lot.

Thus, these are some of the top reasons that will help you adopt the technology for your organization. The time you choose Magento development services to build an ecommerce business website for you. You must be researching well to leverage the same advantages as Magento marketing automation services. This way you will be able to adopt the modern solution to meet the expectations of your business customers.

What Are The Advantages of Magento Marketing Automation?

Magento marketing automation is becoming the top option after improving the productivity of all types of ecommerce businesses. Ecommerce businesses can get insights into their customers, save time, improve the targeting of messages with customers, deliver top user experience, drive quality leads, get to have a shortened sales cycle, and remove boosts. There are so many other advantages that businesses can get to have for them even with the help of Magento development services. Below we have explained each advantage in detail. Check them all for a better understanding.

Save time

When you save more time to put on other important things. Your organization will be able to be more productive. Thus Magento marketing automation comes with such advantages to help your ecommerce business. An ecommerce business does not have to wait for days to complete a task and work on another one. The automation will help complete the work on time and prepare strategies.

Your team can improve the targeting of messages

Messaging is one of the peculiar things for ecommerce businesses. That helps an ecommerce business’s customers get personalized notifications and messages instantly. ML (machine learning) and AI (artificial intelligence) have revolutionized the way ecommerce operates.

Deliver a top customer user experience

Every business customer expects good service from the brand they usually buy from. Thus human operators can make mistakes, get tired, and may not be able to deliver the personalized experience your ecommerce business customers are looking for. But the prediction to understand customer behavior through marketing automation is one of the top things. Ecommerce businesses can deliver the top customer user experience to their business customers.

Get quality leads

Leveraging marketing automation will always help enhance relationships with ecommerce business’s prospective customers. Magento marketing automation will make lead nurturing possible with the use of relevance to a specific segment for an ecommerce customer base. This way a sales department will get to have a more qualified lead.

Short the sales cycle

Marketing automation is helping businesses shorten the sales cycle by following the AIDA model. The AIDA model stands for ( Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action). This model helps shorten the cycle or the customer journey. This way has become one of the top ways for businesses to get leads.

Your ecommerce business will boost revenue

You have seen how marketing automation works. Thus when you get all the practices for your organization. The same helps your organization boost revenue because now you have to get to know every piece of information about your customers. What are their needs?  What product or service the customer is looking for? And answer other such questions you need for your organization.

Other top benefits of Magento marketing automation

The advantages that we have added below are the top benefits that businesses have got. While leveraging marketing automation. Check all the Magento marketing automation benefits added below.

  • You can improve the targeting messages by 68.5%.
  • It has a cost-efficiency of 47.4%.
  • Improve your ecommerce business’s customer experience by  45.9%.
  • You get to have quality leads for your organization and it is to have 37.7%.
  • Get the profit by 13.4%.
  • You will get to have a shortened sales cycle by 3.4%.
  • When you deliver the top services and you have quality content to engage your customer. You will be able to have visits on your business website. It is to increase by 23.3%.
  • Have more connections to have a closer connection between marketing and sales. It is to have 29.5%.
  • You get to generate more leads by 34.9%.
  • Help your ecommerce business with a higher conversion rate to have the rate to 30.1%.
  • Your organization will get to improve the ROI and efficiency of marketing by 32.9%.

These are the top benefits where marketing automation has helped marketing with an advanced solution they need.  Whether you as an ecommerce business embark to have Magento ecommerce development services with Magento marketing automation. This modern solution has revolutionized marketing.

Bottom Line

Magento marketing automation comes with top modern benefits to meet a business’s unique requirements. Magento marketing automation is helping organizations get the top results such as improving the targeting messages by 68.5%, cost-efficiency by 47.4%, improving your ecommerce business’s customer experience by  45.9%, you get to have quality leads for your organization by 37.7%, generating revenue by 13.4%, understanding customer behaving and much more can be done utilizing Magento marketing automation.

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