Top React Native Developer Tools To Boost Your Productivity
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08 Sep

React Native Developer Tools

React Native

React Native app development is one of the most popular choices after mobile application development. When you get to have React Native app development services. You will need some tools too. What are some of the top tools that you will need to build a mobile application for your organization? Thus we have introduced you to some of the top tools for React Native app development. The tools for React Native App Development will help you get your project completed on time and improve productivity.

The tools that we have introduced you here will help you enhance your practices to improve your daily work to build the software you are working on. Let us check which are some of the top and essential tools for React Native app development.

List of Top React Native Developer Tools that Enhance Productivity

In order to improve productivity your React Native developer would need some top tools. We have experienced some of the top tools. These top tools will enhance your development process to have productivity. Below are some of the top React Native app development tools. Utilize them and improve your productivity.


Atom a React Native Tool by GitHub is free and open source. Atom is compatible with multiple platforms like Linux, Windows, and OS X. You will find that Atom is written using the Electron programming language. Professional React Native developers are using this tool to have the top benefits. White developing a mobile application. The benefits it includes are:

  • You will get to have class platform editing.
  • Get to have smart auto compilation.
  • It comes with the benefits of browsing through multiple files while being in a single window.
  • It is a built-in package manager.
  • You can have customized themes and designs for your mobile application development.


Expo is popular for being a toolchain that is built around React Native. Using Expo the React Native developers can develop both Android and iOS mobile applications. The languages that are endorsed include JavaScript and React Native language. Expo is a free tool but it is not an open source technology to utilize the same for mobile app development.

Reasons that led you to choose the Expo

  • It is built across platforms, native app development, and using the programming language JavaScript. One of the top parts you will love is to have application development without even having Xcode and Android Studio.
  • Get to have easy access to native APIs whether it is Android or iOS through the Expo SDK.
  • It includes the UI components in the Expo which include blur view, icons, and other top functionalities.
  • It is compatible with air updates and the developers do not have to use any other tools of React Native.

The reasons you should abandon the Expo

  • You will find that there is a lack of some APIs within the Expo. You may not find Bluetooth, WebRTC, or have in-app purchases.
  • The SDK from Expo is not supported for each background code execution. It lacks running code or background audio white leaving the device sleeping.
  • You have to stick to the bare workflow; if you decide to have specific push notification services.

ESlint and TSLint React Native development tool

Both of the tools can be used interchangeably as React Native app development tools. If you are comfortable with JavaScript you have the best option to go with ESLint. Or if you are familiar with Typescript the best option you will have is to have TSLint.  When you get to have them for your use. You will find both of them linking with pluggable and by using both of them the developers can identify problematic codes which do not meet certain guidelines.

Find out the top features of ESLint and TSLint

  • Using this tool you can get to have your rules with ease at any time.
  • The ease of use makes the same one of the best options after mobile app development.
  • You get to have an option for pluggable and get to have the brand style you want.

Flow React Native Development tool

This is another top tool to create a React Native app to have for React Native. You get a unique static typing feature and is one of the highly recommended for React Native app development. Flow is a highly recommended tool in the realm of React Native development. It stands out for its unique static typing feature, greatly favored by React Native programmers. This feature empowers developers to write code that is not only faster but also more reliable and efficient. The best part? Flow is completely free and open-source. Developed by Facebook, it offers the following services:

  • Customizable JavaScript
  • Type Inference
  • Real-time Feedback
  • Easy Integration

Nuclide – An Open-Source React Native Development Tool

Nuclide is another exceptional React Native development tool, also crafted by Facebook. It is a free, open-source tool with a thriving community that provides robust support. What sets Nuclide apart is its ability to facilitate "hacking," in addition to offering features such as:

  • Remote Development
  • Built-in Debugging
  • Hack Development
  • JavaScript Development
  • Task Runner
  • Mercurial Support
  • Working Sets

Visual Studio Code for React Native Development

Visual Studio Code, a product of Microsoft, serves as an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that simplifies coding across multiple languages. It's known for its power, flexibility, and time-saving capabilities. Key features include:

  • Streamlined Debugging
  • Extensibility for new languages, themes, and services
  • Seamless GitHub integration for branch management and pull requests
  • Customizability of themes, languages, layouts, and more
  • Intelligent auto-completion for efficient coding

Reactotron – A React Native Development Tool

Reactotron is a desktop application developed by Infinite Red for React Native developers. This open-source tool is compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows, offering real-time insights into app performance. Its notable features include:

  • Real-time application state tracking
  • Monitoring API requests and responses
  • Dispatching actions
  • Quick benchmarking
  • Console.log messages

Redux – A React Native Development Tool

Redux is a favored tool among React Native developers due to its live code editing and time-traveling debugger capabilities. This JavaScript-based tool is open-source and free. Its services encompass:

Building applications for various environments, including client, native, and server
Simplifying application testing

React Navigation – Streamlined Routing and Navigation

React Navigation excels in handling routing and navigation within React Native applications. It offers a wide range of out-of-the-box transition options, including tab bars, stack navigation, drawer navigation, and deep linking. Key features include:

  • Customizable JavaScript
  • Extensible on multiple platforms
  • Pre-built components for Android and iOS

Ignite CLI – A Comprehensive React Native Toolchain

Ignite CLI, developed by Infinite Red, is a versatile React Native toolchain featuring boilerplates and plugins. It's free and open-source, with boilerplate support for both Android and iOS. Ignite offers:

  • Usage examples
  • Components
  • Customizable themes
  • API testing

InVision – A Valuable React Native Design Tool

InVision is a free, open-source React Native design tool developed by InVision. It excels in creating exceptional user experiences through:

  • Designing
  • Animation
  • Collaboration
  • Prototyping

React Native developers appreciate InVision for its ease of use, seamless transitions, and centralized brand and UX documentation management.


In conclusion, the React Native development tools listed above aim to streamline and accelerate the app development process, catering to both experienced and novice developers. While these tools make the development process faster and more efficient, choosing the right one can be challenging. To simplify the process, consider hiring a React Native app development company with expert developers, ensuring a smoother and more efficient development journey. If you are looking to hire a professional team for your company. We at Purgesoft deliver the top services for React Native app development and other services. You can connect with our experts to have the services you need. Connect with our team right now to have the services you are looking for.

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