Web Development Vs Mobile App Development: Which One is Right for Your Business?
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09 Jun

Web Development Vs Mobile App Development

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Technology is transforming and the same is transforming every business customer. You too may be looking for the top solution for your organization to deliver an effective user experience to your business customers, right? Mobile application development may be known as the traditional form that many businesses have already used.

Nowadays businesses have multiple options to have the utility of their business and be aware of their business targeted audience. Businesses can embark on various solutions for their business utility and awareness. Businesses can get to have applications developed such as:

  • Native mobile app development services
  • Hybrid mobile app development services
  • PWA (progressive app development) PWA application development is for website applications.

If we see the working of both web development and mobile app development both are different and have pros and cons. Here in this blog are going to discuss both web development and app development. Let us see what fits your business’s unique requirements web app development or mobile app development.

What is web app development?

Web app development is to build an application program that resides on a remote server and is delivered to the users through an active internet connection. Web applications can be accessed through any browser. The web app does need any download or a specific operating system such as iOS or Android.

What are the top web application examples?

Here are some of the top web application examples that are serving their business customers in the best way. These examples will help you understand web apps in detail. If you have used some of the web applications for your use. You will be able to just how and why web applications are top and come on top to serve a business’s customers as the modern solution.


Canva is one of the top and best examples of web applications. Canva is an online graphic designing and video creation tool. It is being used by 125 million people and Canva is providing quality services to its business customers.


Slack is an instant messaging program. It is developed by Slack Technologies and owned by Salesforce. Slack has become the top option for professionals to extend their productivity wherever they are and whatever they do.


Gmail is a Google product that is delivering its free services for emails. Gmail has 1.5 billion active users worldwide who use its services actively. However, everyone has experienced the services of Gmail while on a desktop as well.

These are some of the top examples of web applications and all three are being used by a huge number of active users every day. The best part that users love about the web application is that it has modern technology and is smart enough. You will find app applications that are developed using ML (Machine Learning).

What are the benefits of web application development?

Web development is a modern technology that is being adopted by SaaS businesses in huge numbers. The businesses that are delivering their software as a service (SaaS) web application development has become the top option for them. Salesforce is a CRM (customer relationship management) system. Salesforce is delivering CRM tool software as a service. In this web application development for businesses has a huge role. We have discussed everything in detail below.

The web application does not need download

When using ways to use the web applications delivered by any of the businesses. They can use the services of any business through the web application and they will not have to download anything from any platform.

Access web applications via any browser

Users can access web apps using any browser they are comfortable with. The web applications are simple to use. However, the users will need to have an active internet connection to use the web app.

Any user can use iOS or Android

One does not have to worry about what operating system they are using! They can use web applications whether a user is an iOS or Android user. It is one of the best parts that businesses love about web applications.

Updates for web apps

Your business web app can be updated without asking all your active users. While your users use your business web application you can update with the new features you have come up with.

User backup

It is secure and simple to have for effective working. The project users are working on do not have to worry about the data. I give you my example; while writing this blog my PC got shut down suddenly. I want to worry about the content at all. When returning to the same docs I started again where I left. Google Docs is one of the top examples you need to know for your understanding.

Use from anywhere

Whether a user is setting away from his or her office or home. They can work on the same project where they left off while being in another place.

These are some of the top benefits a business user gets to have for them using a web application. You may find more benefits in using and delivering the services through web application development.

What are the drawbacks of web applications?

Here are some of the drawbacks of web application development. Find out what are some of the drawbacks that will make access difficult for a business user.

Web applications need an active internet connection

It is necessary to have a stable active internet connection if a user wants to access a service using a web application. On the other side of the coin, you will see that mobile applications do not need a stable and active internet connection until a user wants to download something or get the latest updates companies provide.

Limited access to a device’s features

Most of the time you would need access to a user’s device features such as location, camera, microphone, etc. It may be difficult for you to improve customer experience to use the service and deliver personalized content customers need.

What are the benefits of mobile application development?

Mobile application is an old method for businesses to deliver their business services or the products they have. However, mobile application development has its benefits to use and deliver a business’s services or products. We have discussed some of the benefits and drawbacks businesses and their consumers usually need.

Deliver personalized experience

Businesses can deliver their customers with a personalized experience to their customers. Businesses can access a wide range of features that include GPS, push notifications for offers, and access to a camera. Using the features businesses can deliver personalized content to their customers and build a strong connection with their customers.

Use offline

Users who do not have a stable and active internet connection. They can use the mobile application easily. Suppose a business has a short video editing mobile application. One of your users buys from you and uses it for video editing. They can use the mobile application offline and edit the video.

Send push notifications

Having your mobile app on your customer’s device will help you send the push notification to your customers. If you compare the same to sending push notifications using the web application.  You will not be able to send push notifications.

What are the disadvantages of mobile application development?

There are some disadvantages also to having a mobile application development. One needs to understand that there are negatives and positives in everything. They adapt to have them as a solution. Let us check what are the disadvantages of a mobile application for businesses.


Mobile application development may be costly for your business. You will have to build a mobile application for both your users Android and iOS. Both operating systems are separate from each other.

Heavy maintenance

You have to pay for the maintenance as mobile applications usually face issues like bugs and need upgrading. If you compare the same with the web application. The web applications do not need heavy maintenance that will affect.

These are some of the things businesses need to understand for both mobile application development and web app development.

Last words

Web application development and business mobile application development both are separate things. Web application development is a modern solution, especially for all those businesses that are delivering software as a service (SaaS). And others also can embark on the solution of modern app development. If you are looking for professional consultants to help your business with web application development or mobile app development. Purgesoft has the experts to help businesses like yours. We are helping businesses with the top and best services for web and mobile application development. Connect with our expert team right now to have the services you are looking to have for your business.

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