Why is Playtesting a Crucial Part? & Know its Different Forms
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27 Oct

Playtesting in Game Design


Playtesting has become a crucial part. If you have developed a game. You would need gamers to test its functionality, graphics, and other important things. In this blog post, we have added some of the important forms of playtesting you need to know. So, you can come up with an effective product to use for your end user. In case you miss the playtesting part. And let your end-users use the untested game. You may face many problems like a lack of expertise in your game designing or development, getting not enough downloads, and even a return on investment (ROI).

Here you can get a comprehensive understanding of game testing. We have discussed all the forms of playtesting you would need to test your game. Now let us know all the crucial things for playtesting to come up with an effective product to deliver value to the end user.

What is playtesting?

Playtesting is to check a gaming product's quality before delivering the same product to the end user. This playing process includes various steps to test the game. You will be recruiting your target users to test the various versions of the game to indicate issues, it could be any technical glitches or any unclear objective.

When you conduct the playtesting process for your game design quality. You can deliver a product that delivers value and enhances user experience. Below you will find playing the entire process and know its different forms to use for your game development or gain comprehensive knowledge for the same product you need to shape your thoughts.

What is the main reason for playtesting?

As we have discussed playtesting is to indicate improvement within a developed game product. Using the game test process for a developed game by professional gamers will help in enhancing the end-user experience.

The game-playing process is helping the game app development teams to understand. How the end user and the players interact with their game. This process of adoption by game developers helps indicate all their areas to improve the product they have developed. 

However, interviewing the game development team at Purgesoft. I learned that game development needs honest feedback for the product. When they have honest feedback about their product development. They get to know in which area they need to work on.  So that the actual user does not have to experience any lack of functionality and graphics that help deliver a real experience while playing a game.

Suppose, you are a game developer. Now you have developed a game and it is almost completed. Would you like to deliver the same product to your actual users? A product that may have some issues that can ruin user experience? Of course not, right? Therefore, you will need a game experienced gamers to experience your game first before delivering the same product to your actual users.

When you have honest insights for improvement for your game development services develop a product like game development or any of other. You will be more likely to develop and deliver an effective product to your end users. This is one of the main reasons to have playtesting for a game product.

Find out the different playtesting forms

Below we have introduced you to some playtesting forms.  Added all the playtesting forms will help you with the ideas you need to have for you. So, you can conduct playtesting for your game development and deliver the top user experience your end users need. Check out all the forms of game testing.

Open Beta Testing

You need to learn every single thing for the game design process. If you are developing and going to launch your first game development. The first thing you can get to have for you is to have Open Beta Testing. Open Beta Testing is conducted when an application development for games is about to be completed. Within this testing, you can call out a vast amount of audience to test your game.

Early Alpha Testing

Whether you are an in-house tester or a game developer. You as a developer or a tester would need Ealy Alpha Testing for your developing game. The time you get to conduct Ealy Alpha Testing for your organization. You will be able to direct the bugs and critical flaws before you go further to develop the game and let your users experience it.

Closed Beta Testing

When conducting this testing. You invite a selected group of external testers. The external testers must be familiar with the gaming platform which includes the genre to alpha test the game. This testing is conducted to get insights from in-depth to find out the issues in all the areas and fill them immediately. This all is done with constructive feedback.

Post Launch Testing

As the game is released. The post-launch testing aims to identify bugs. So, the game-breaking issues and bugs can be solved if found. When conducting this test check games and fix issues before any of the user faces and leave the game (uninstall). It involves massive patches as well as downloads. This is to address known bugs and updates.

These are some of the most important and effective ways you can conduct. When you are in the middle of developing a game or have finalized it. Game functional testing and other testing you can conduct by having the complete process. The one we have mentioned above to help you with a clear understanding of playtesting. When will you be having this process for your development process? Your game development team will be able to eliminate the time-consuming tasks and work effectively on other tasks as well.

Final thoughts

Every professional team develops games that need playtesting. If you still lack the complete information to develop and launch a game. You may get down to faceless downloads, and no return on investment (ROI) and put a poor impression on the end users to use your game. Thus to eliminate this issue and get the top results. You need to have played for at least one time. 

You can get to conduct playtesting like post-launch testing, closed beta testing, early alpha testing, and open beta testing. These all playtesting can be conducted step by step to come up with an effective game for your end users. All these tests include various tests like game functional testing, game graphics testing, game user interface testing, and much more.

If you would like, make it your duty to develop a game and test it well in a professional way. We at Purgesoft can help you with the complete process. Purgesoft has an in-house team to help you get the project completed. Connect with our team right now to get the services you need. We are available to deliver you with the top solutions you need.

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