Why is WordPress the perfect solution for your small business?
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09 Mar

Why is WordPress the perfect solution for your small business?

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WordPress is the perfect platform for small businesses. It's easy to use, and secure. It's fully customizable so you can create a website that looks great.

Nowadays, your organisation's internet presence is required to operate in any area. Nevertheless, only some have the means or knowledge to launch an internet presence. That is why WordPress should be considered for small company websites.
You have most likely heard of WordPress.

Did you know that over 60% of websites built nowadays on website builders are built on WordPress?
WordPress is used to power more than 23% of all websites. People nowadays believe WordPress Website Development to be more user-friendly than any other Website Builder.
It is the most popular and most straightforward to use website publishing platform. Since it is free and effective, it is an excellent solution for businesses with minimal resources.
Nonetheless, the fact that it is free does not detract from its excellence. WordPress is open-source, which means it is maintained by a global community of developers dedicated to improving its security and providing new helpful features.

What exactly is WordPress, and why is it useful for small businesses?

WordPress is the most widely used Content Management System (CMS). It powers 38% of all internet websites, whether large or small.
You may use it to construct, administer, and grow any website, personal blog, online shop, or small company website.
It is also free and open-source, which means that anybody may use it and that numerous people constantly update it throughout the globe.
Picking WordPress for small company websites is a natural approach since it gives excellent value without requiring a significant investment in a premium solution. It also does not need a time investment for training since it is straightforward.
By installing and administering WordPress, your small company may attain a high-quality online presence that can compete with large corporations.
Let look at all the advantages in-depth.

WordPress is entirely free.
Yes! You heard correctly. WordPress is entirely free. It is free to download, install on your website or in a local sandbox environment, and do anything you want. As the owner of a small company, you're probably searching for a low-cost way to set up your website. WordPress has become a godsend for small enterprises, saving money and time.

WordPress is free and open-source software.
WordPress is open source, meaning anybody may download it and alter it however they see fit. It also implies that many developers continually examine, change, and improve it, resulting in a better product for everyone.

 Fast and simple website setup.
Another important reason small companies should utilise WordPress is its simple implementation. It implies you can be something other than a server or hosting specialist since it demands no complex expertise.
Upon installation, you will have access to many tools and capabilities that will aid you in website building. WordPress's elegant, informative, and user-friendly interface makes website creation simple for inexperienced users.

WordPress is a browser-based platform.
You do not need to download or install special software to access your website; you can log in from any computer, anywhere.

Platform for Open Source development.
The term "open source" refers to the fact that anybody may download and use the code available in the WordPress Codex to add functionality to their website (or, if you're more sophisticated, you can modify and reuse the code in any manner you want). It's one of WordPress's main draws for small businesses. Entrepreneurs may employ a WordPress development business such as Purgesoft to manage the source code, but this is entirely their option since they may also do it independently.

Simple user interface.
WordPress is designed so that both technical and non-technical users may benefit from it. That is what makes it so popular all across the world. Another key feature is that it is highly dynamic and user-friendly, allowing users to construct web pages, menus, posts, forms, and even handle media like movies and photographs.

A wide range of themes.
What are the most important characteristics required to begin developing a website? Of course, it's a wonderful design! A professional developer may need to be more pricey to create your site from scratch. Nevertheless, with WordPress, you may use a pre-designed theme instead. There are dozens of free themes accessible in the WordPress.org theme directory and on reliable websites like WPExplorer free themes and our current favourite, Simply Free Themes. 

A sizable online support community.
WordPress has previously been regarded as a robust online site-building platform with a significant user base. WordPress is well-known for its unique online support system. Everyone may quickly discover a solution to their difficulties thanks to millions of active users, a talented team of engineers, a large community, and discussion boards. Moreover, several competent WordPress blogs give advice and suggestions regularly. It is because most WordPress difficulties have previously been addressed here, and someone is likely to know how to solve them. 

 Plugins for every function.
To add extra functionality to your website, you may use WordPress plugins, accessible for free (or for a modest cost) on the internet. Many pre-developed plugins are saved in the WordPress plugin directory, and even more commercial plugins are available through marketplaces such as CodeCanyon, ThemeIsle, Pippin's Plugins, and others. Plugins are typically simple to use and install, and they assist in extending the functionality of your website.

Having a website not optimised for search engines is equivalent to having no website. Nowadays, everyone creates a website while keeping SEO in mind. WordPress has fixed this issue. WordPress websites are SEO optimised by default since the structure they follow is already recognised by search engines. Nevertheless, WordPress SEO does not end there. 

Bottom Line

Building a robust digital presence may take much work for any small or fledgling firm. That may be a severe problem since establishing a solid internet presence might incur expenses, time, and effort they cannot afford. Thus, the obvious and straightforward answer to all of these worries is WordPress. Just download it and use it to create your company website.
So, can WordPress meet your company wants and requirements? Share your thoughts with us, and if you need consultation, please get in touch with us.

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